IMS High

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Chapter 1


“Mom I am going to school.” I called from downstairs as I went out the door. “Have a good day!” My mom shouted back. I was going to a new school and it was my first day. My emotions were mixing so much that my stomach started to hurt. My new school was called “IMS High” one of my cousin was there. He was one of my cousins who was younger than me but he still talked to me like I was as old as
I had to walk to school since there was a lot of traffic and you could be stuck for hours if you go on a car. So I started the long walk to school. I had a path memorized well not really memorized I would say: Turn right then after 1 block turn left then boom your there.
I met my cousin in the fourth grade line, I said “hi” than went over to the fifth grade line. All I can say about the line is: Loud, noisy, and crazy. I had the urge to step in one of the groups and act like I’ve been there all my life, err…My school life. My friends at my other school had always included the new kids. Thinking about this big new school made my eyes feel hot, like I wanted to cry. But I knew that crying was not a good way to start the first day of a new school, so I sucked up my pity and went to find somebody to talk to.
I stumbled upon another new girl, I went to talk to her but right then the bell rang and the girl got swallowed in the crowd. I had to make up my mind keep being one of those people who whine at everything or somebody who accepts reality.
I chose latter. I took a deep breath and slowly headed inside my new school…

Chapter 2


When I stepped in all I could say was, well, I could not really say anything. The school was huge inside and out. There were trophies, the walls were sparkling there were even ribbons. The smell was rusty but clean at the same time, it had this fresh paint smell that I love so much. I could hear everyone’s chattering like they haven’t met in years.
While I was admiring I think everyone was staring at me because
when I snapped out of my gaze I saw everyone shake their heads at me. I could feel my cheeks heating up as I looked away. It took me about 15mins to find the office, finally I found it. I guess I was going in circles because after about 5mins a girl who watching me stept up and asked “What are you looking for?”. I blushed a little and said” Well… I am looking for the office to get my schedule.”. “Oh” Said the girl “ I can lead you there.” “Thanks.” I said as she started walking. “What’s your name?” Asked the girl.

“I’m Aariya.”
“Cool, I’m Ayla”
“ Hey, our names both start with a “A”.”
“That’s awesome, well this is the office.”

Ayla had big neon pink glasses with little roses on the sides. She had short wavy dirty blonde hair with little purple and orange brettes. Ayla pointed at a see through room that might of been bigger than my house. “Are you sure this is the OFFICE!?!” I whisper shouted. ‘’Yepeyo” Ayla replied. “Well thanks for leading me to the office,the office that’s bigger than my house!!!” I exclaimed. With a giggle Ayla disappeared around the corner.
It was almost time to go to homeroom when I finally got my schedule. I ran through the hall to get to my homeroom, the secretary told me to go left than go up the stairs, turn right than you are there. When I got there I stepped inside without thinking. Everyone started whispering and giggling. Than one guy said “Who’s this weirdo?!?!”. I gave him my famous glare then he shut up. I looked at the class to see where I could sit. I saw Ayla wave and motion me to sit next to her. I smiled and started the way there I saw the guy who called me weirdo sticking his foot out to try to trip me. I stomped on his foot and said “Nice try, a classic.”. Than I casually made it over to Ayla’s table.

Chapter 3


I saw some girls with an awesome sense of fashion. I guess Ayla saw me looking at them and said “Those are the mean girls.”. I don’t know why but after Ayla said that I felt a wave of angriness. “ Well you probably don’t know that since you have a TERRIBLE sense in fashion. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR AT ALL, YOU LITTLE, NERD!!!”. Ayla looked a little taken back and I did not know why I said that. We sat there in the awkward silence. Than right there and then I got a little note from the “mean girls” It said:

Your pretty cool, come to our table at lunch.
BTW the girl you’re sitting with is a total geek.
You should hang with us instead of her.

“Wow” I thought “First day and already hanging out with the popular group.’’! I was going to write back but then homeroom was over.
I went over to math, and believe me it was BORING. We had to do calculus and stuff but I don’t want to bore you with all that. I had to survive history before I get to go to lunch. I hate history, I don’t even know why it’s necessary. All you do is fight sleep while pretty much listening to a boring bedtime story. As I trudged through the crowd. I saw the “mean girls” entering history class my heart leaped with joy, but my excitement shimmered down when I saw Ayla. “Ugh”! I thought. Why does she have to be everywhere I am? Shes sticking to me like a piece of gum!!! A smelly piece anyway! I went inside like I thought a popular person would. I saw Ayla motioning me to sit next to her. I ignored her and sat next to one of the “mean girls”. “Well, well ,well. Are you going to be in our team or the team enemy?” She asked. “Duh!” I said “ Do you think I want to hang out with that freak?!?”.

“So what’s your name?’
“Yes yours, who do you think I’ll be talking to?”
“Oh, sorry. Anyway my name is Teagen. What’s yours?”
“ Mine’s Aariya.“

Teagen had straight black hair with a jean jacket and some leathery black pants.
“Attention class!!! We need to start on history, hurry up and get your books out or you’ll be the next one polishing desks!!!!” Shouted the teacher. “Yes ma’am!” everyone said.
Now sense history is done I can finally get lunch. Well I’m not that hungry I just want to meet everyone to in the team! The cafeteria was down stairs. So I squeezed through the crowd to get there. I saw Teagen with a group of people they all had pepperoni pizza so I got some too. I walked over to the table when they saw me they nodded. My heart skipped a beat. As I walked up to the table everyone was staring at me, the popular girls saw it too one of them (who I assumed was the”leader” of the group) shot them a evil looking glare. That signaled everyone to stop. The group gave me a fashionable smile and waved me over. I saw Teagen with a girl that had a long french braid going down her back. The “leader” had a shirt with see through lace sleeves with black pant and high heel boots. Another girl had a high ponytail with with a layered black and white tank with sporty looking pants. The last girl had her hair, and her out fit was awesome she had a black shirt with a black almost see through light jacket that had no sleeves with ripped jean shorts.
When I got there the girls gushed over me say things like ”OMG!!! Your skirt totally matches with your leather vest!” & “ You are so cute!”. I replied with stuff like “Your are so cute too!” & “Are those leather boots?!?”. After everyone stopped gushing over me the leader said

How do you do it?”
“Do what?”
“Stand up to Mr. Bully on your first day?”
“Well… It just gets on my nerves when boy tries to make fun of me so I give them a piece of my mind.”
“Okay that does it, you are officially a part of our group.”

Chapter 4


At lunch we had an awesome conversation about boys and stuff. So as the whole lunch time just felt like 5 mins. At reases we went to a shady spot on a+ hill and talked about things like: The latest fashion magazines, Annoying little brothers and of course names. The girl with the long french braid name turned out to be Jessica The leader’s name is Grace. The girl with the high pony is Brooke. The girl with her hair out turned out to be Amber. And of course Teagen. I introduced myself too. They said my name was most unike name they have ever heard.
Reases was over so we all had to split up I went to art! It was awesome we did pottery, I sculpted a penguin and believe it or not it looked pretty good!

Since it was the first day of school art was my last period. I went to pick up, my little brother was already at the back seat telling mom about the friends that he made at school. I got in the front seat. Our house is not that far, it is a walking distance as you know. After Jack (my little brother) finished talking my mom turned to me and said “How was your day honey?”. I decided not to tell my mom about me screaming at the girl that had been nice to me. Thinking about it made me feel a bit sick to the stomach, but then I thought about my new friends. “My day was great mom I made friends with these girls who are nice. How was your day?” My mom replied with the usual “It was great.”. I shrugged and sat looking out the window. My brother interrupted the silence with a loud and disgusting burp. I looked back at him and he smiled his satisfactory smile “My friends thought me how to do that.”. I smiled at him he would always be that person who burped in the middle of class.

Chapter 5

When we got home I kicked off my shoes dropped my backpack on the floor and walked up stairs. When I got to my room I flopped on my bed and pulled out my phone.  The person who was at the front desk also gave me a booklet of everybody’s phone number email full name and clubs that they were in. I saw Alya’s and debated whether to or not to text her and apologize. I thought about it for  a little than when I was about to text her I felt a little unsure if she still wanted to be my friend, I was pretty mean to her and sort of ditched her. I decided to first see which clubs she was in to see if I liked any of the clubs, but then I thought about what Grace would think if I became friends with Alya.  I took a deep breath, so my choices were: stick with Alya and have grace and here group against me or sticking with Grace’s group and live with the guilt of ditching a perfectly nice girl. I switched sides for a little but then I decided to sleep on it. I took about a 30 minute long nap before my mom called for dinner. I headed downstairs and sat down at   the dining table and played around with my food. I asked to be excused from the table and went up stairs to sketch, I love designing new outfits and sewing them. I put on my earbuds and started to sketch a dress when i heard a tap atp at my window, I looked outside to see Grace throwing small pebbles at my window! What are you doing?!?. I mouthed than I mouthed I’ll come outside. I changed into a decent outfit, a cold shoulder and some jean shorts. As I raced outside my brother gave me a weird look. “Don’t ask any questions.” I said before he could say anything.
When I got outside Grace told me to be quite. I had this panic feeling, I had read a book once where these popular girls had told a girl to meet them in an old bathroom and they pushed her inside and locked the door on her. I was thinking about that the whole way. The run/jog was about ten minutes long when we finally got there I instantly knew where we were, I know I am a newbie at this town but I mean who does not know about…