Snowy owl

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               Snowy owls


   You might not be familiar with snowy owls, but after you read this  book, who knows you might just be a expert!


                  Snowy Owl Characteristics

                          Snowy owls characteristics make it is blend is with the snow, they have light or dark black spots on them.  Some have feathered feet those are called “ feathered feet snowy owls”.  Their wings can be 20-27 inches wide and 4.5 – 5.5 feet long. It has a variety of eye color but are rarely green.  



             Food and  Eating Habits


Snowy owls mainly eat  mammals, ranging from rodents to large hares. They will also eat medium sized geese.

Also Eat other smaller owls if they are really hungry.




People are probably the biggest predator for snowy owls. Other owls might eat them if they are hurt or injured. Foxes will also eat snowy owls. The same with jaegers and wolves.



Snowy owls are found in Northern America during breeding season.They mainly live in the arctic where they can blend in with the snow. Also they are common in north U.S.A.



Snowy owls have a lot of adaptations. They have a dense layer of down overlaid with thick feathers.

Also they are active both night and day so they can catch there prey. Snowy owls have a light feather color to blend in.




I hope you learned a lot about snowy owls. Now go out and find your own facts!





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