Informational writing

    Everyone should recycle

Do you want to know a easy way to save the earth? Well you should recycle. Learn more about recycling in this book.

My first reason you should recycle is that it helps our environment. For example think a hundred years from now, if we keep trashing and not recycling the earth may be a big pile of trash. It would also affect our animals, take turtles for example. One day the turtle might be looking for some food in the ocean, it stumbles upon a plastic bag. It might mistake it for a jellyfish and eat it for lunch. The turtle will suffocate and DIE then get reborn… (Maybe)

Why I personally choose to write about this topic is that if a animal eats one piece of plastic could die , like I said before.I think the most important think you should recycle is paper. Why I think this is because if you always trash paper, sure it will go to the landfill and decompose. But the paper company will hire people to cut down more trees and those trees might have been home to a animal.If you recycle they can use that paper again.

A important reason is that it is just good for the world. In this paragraph it will be a lot of facts why you should recycle! Recycling saves expenses and resources. Recycling can help save on our expenses and resources. It helps reduce the amount of materials that are wasted or thrown in landfills such as paper, plastic, glass, and aluminium.It is good for the environment recycling requires far less energy, uses fewer natural resources, and keeps waste from piling up in landfills.  Saves Energy, Recycling offers significant energy savings over manufacturing with virgin materials. (Manufacturing with recycled aluminum cans uses 95% less energy.)   I hope you liked learning more about recycling. Now, will you recycle?