Grimm School Academy

My Writings

This is the worst day of my life! My best friend Liam ( who I don’t secretly have a crush on) is moving away. His new school is known to be haunted! Which I am sure it is just a silly rumor, right?  Me and my other friends are trying to help Liam to get the courage to tell his mom and dad to change plans at the last second… Will it work?

Chapter One

Another boring day at school, I thought as the bus pulled up. As I got on the bus I saw my best friend Liam waving me to sit next to him, as I came to him I also noticed Liam looked a little sad. Okay, I correct myself, he looked really sad. When I sat down I looked at him in the eye. And asked Liam softly. “ Liam, I know something is wrong and when you feel like telling me you can, I will not be pushy with this. Okay?”.  I was kind of teasing because Liam usually told me everything. But after a little  Liam took a deep breath and said “ I am sorry Callie I am not ready to tell you.”. I was kind of shocked and a little taken back. Liam as I already said usually told me everything and when I say everything I literally mean everything. Once he even told me about how he hated his mom and dad. But I was sure it was not true, I mean they say I love you twice everyday.

To my relief the bus got to school rather quickly. Thank you, I could not stand another minute of that weird situation! I thought as Liam and I separated to go to different homerooms. At homeroom I just could not pay attention, I was thinking about what Liam said “ I am sorry Callie I am not ready to tell you.” I was thinking about what it could mean the whole homeroom, that’s right all forty five or thirty minutes of homeroom.

Liam and I had science at fourth period. So I was half expecting Liam to come to me and say something like “ Callie I hate you, no hard feelings?” or “ Callie I love you!”. Why? Because that’s just the kind of person Liam is, unpredictable. Liam and I were partners, like nothing ever happened between us. When we were learning about energy. I mean I am not trying to be mean but, can schoool get any more boring?!?

As I was trying not to fall asleep Liam kind of woke me up, or scared me up!  “Um. C-Callie?” Liam stamberd. “What?” I said sleepily. “ I am moving away to…

To be Continue…….