Hello all, this is Aariya.  I go to Bennett Elementary ( which is awesome by the way!). I play soccer. I was born in Dallas, Texas and stayed there until I was 3 then I moved to CO.

My favorite hobby is to read, My fave book is: The Art of Racing in the Rain Novel by Garth Stein.  I play Animal Jam, the best game in the WORLD!!!!! Am I right? I love art and P.E .

In third grade I found my love of writing. My teacher was Mrs. Henke. Who also is the writer of “Idea 33” was a great teacher to have!  Having a real author as a teacher was a great help, she gave me great tips on writing.

I love making people laugh, when someone is looking down you can count on me to cheer them up! My good friends here at  Bennett are Layla Conte, Simone P, Brooke W, Kaia Gage and Bailey M.